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Beyond Bass Camp

Digging Deeper Inside the Bass, with Steve Lawson.

photo of steve lawson by Helena Dornellas

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Bass Camp – a one-day intensive workshop for bass players, led by internationally-acclaimed teacher and solo artist, Steve Lawson.

the day is about looking at the instrument as a vehicle for music, both within the tradition of the bass guitar, and beyond it as a tool for self-expression. We explore the technical, theoretical and mechanical aspects of making music with a bass that allow us to get deeper inside saying what we want to say on our instrument.

The workshops are currently on hiatus – they were run in London in 2009/10, and then in Birmingham in 2012/13. There are no plans to do more at the moment, but that could change!

More information on dates and cost is available on the FAQ page, please subscribe to the RSS feed, as all the information will be posted on the blog here.