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Beyond Bass Camp

Digging Deeper Inside the Bass, with Steve Lawson.

Where and When is B-B-C happening?

The next phase of B-B-C classes are going to be announced very soon – please email me if you want more info, or come back to this page soon!


Beyond Bass Camp 1 ran on the 3rd Saturday of every month, from June 09, in London. It was held on a houseboat near Tower Bridge in the centre of london, and ran from 10 in the morning til 6pm.

Just announced for 2012: we have two classes happening in Birmingham:

May 12th
June 9th

How Much will it cost me?

The cost for the day is £75 per person and this includes lunch and coffee/tea.

The address and directions will be supplied on payment, which can be made by paypal, bank transfer, cheque or cash (if I see you) – but must be made at least one week in advance.

How many other bass-monkeys will be there?

In order to maximise the amount of personal attention and playing time, Each class is limited to just 5 people, so please sign up early. Click here for sign-up details.

Do I have to be an amazing stellar bassist to attend? Is there an audition?

There’s no entry requirement as such, though a total beginner probably wouldn’t get as much out of it as someone who’d been playing for at least a short while. The principles will be applicable to music of all levels of complexity, so you don’t have to be a proficient soloist/composer/improvisor to attend. You just have to be open to learning, and looking to get deeper into music on your instrument. Click here for more information on the curriculum.

Why is it called ‘Beyond Bass Camp’?

The strapline on Steve’s site for a few years has beenSolo Bass and Beyond – his ideas about music have always been about moving beyond the confines of any one way of looking at the bass guitar as an instrument. The ‘camp’ part is a nod to the geek scene, who often refer to their get togethers as ‘camps’ – PodCamp, WordCamp, Social Media Camp etc. And there’s also the word play of us moving beyond ‘base-camp’.