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Beyond Bass Camp

Digging Deeper Inside the Bass, with Steve Lawson.


When I first ran B*B*C classes, I did a 5 part series with the same people coming to each class.

As the idea has evolved, I’ve been running one-off classes for five lovely bass monkeys at a time, and last month did the first looping class for any instrument…

It’s working really well, but we now need a system for how the next class in each series works.

So here’s the plan:

From October, I’ll be running ‘Tier 1’ and ‘Tier 2’ classes. If you’ve never been to a Beyond Bass Camp class, then you start with Tier 1. After that – or if you’ve had 5 or more one-on-one lessons with me – you can do a Tier 2 class.

These are not based on ‘ability’ – there’s no streaming according to experience, talent or whatever – the tiers are just to allow the ideas to develop from one class to the next. Each class will still be applicable players of any level (so far the range has been from almost total beginners to people running music departments in colleges).

The other big advantage of this system is that I can run Tier 1 and 2 on the same weekend, so people coming from further afield can come for a weekend and do both classes.

The first opportunity for this is Oct 13th and 14th I’ll be doing a Tier 1 class on the 13th and a Tier 2 class on the 14th.

To book, please email me, make sure the space is available, and then you can pay via PayPal to secure your place.

See you soon!

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  1. RichardH Says:

    That sounds a great idea Steve!

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