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Beyond Bass Camp

Digging Deeper Inside the Bass, with Steve Lawson.


I got an email yesterday from the editor of Bass Guitar Magazine, wanting to do a news piece on Beyond Bass Camp. Hurrah! It’s great having magazine editors on your mailing list 🙂

But that got me thinking, why not run an ad in the magazine? I’ve got a few stored up as the column I wrote for them was ‘paid’ in advertising space.

So I put to together the ad up there – the mag’s on a really tight deadline, so I didn’t have time to get the input of my ‘proper’ design chums.

Not bad for 20 minutes work. 🙂

Here’s a link to Bass Guitar Magazine’s interview with me about a year ago. It’s a pretty good interview, and a decent intro to what I do as a player, if you’ve stumbled in here via some route othe than stevelawson.net.

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