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Beyond Bass Camp

Digging Deeper Inside the Bass, with Steve Lawson.


As I’ve said before, the inspiration behind finally doing Beyond Bass Camp in London is the series of annual masterclasses that I’ve given in California every January for the last few years.

The fact that I only visit California once a year means I only get to teach there once a year, but would love to be able to go and do more. In London, that’s easy 🙂

Anyway, Lobelia found these photos that she’d taken of the January 2008 class, which, other than the room it’s in being a lot bigger than where the classes will be in London, is pretty much how the set-up will work here. Just in case you wanted some context.

Sign-ups are going well for B*B*C – at this rate, it looks like the 5 places on the first 5 will be taken by people wanting to attend all 5 classes… If that’s you, do get booked in ASAP, cos a few people are deliberating. (and worry not, I’ll be running it again, possibly alongside the current class on a different Saturday, if you miss the deadline…)

here’s the Slideshow from Flickr:

One Response to “Photos from Beyond Bass Camp’s Elder Sibling :)”

  1. allen sassani Says:


    I’d like to take part in 5 classes whenever possible.

    Please let me know what dates are still available.

    Many thanks,

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