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Beyond Bass Camp

Digging Deeper Inside the Bass, with Steve Lawson.


Well, I got to spend another wonderful day with the B*B*C attendees today, and another marvellous day was had. I can see me running a lot more classes like this in the future… Here are some photos from it:

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Beyond Bass Camp starts this Saturday, and is sold out. There’s even a waiting list.

The popularity of the idea means I’ll probably run a few one-offs, and/or 2 day weekend classes over the summer. Please feel free to post in the comments which of those you’d be most interested in, and which days of the week would work best.

For those of you that are booked in, see you on the boat on Saturday!

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This month’s Bass Guitar Magazine has a little write-up on Beyond Bass Camp, which was nice to see. There it is, in the picture… You’ll have to get the mag – or at least pick it up in a newsagents to read what they say, but naturally it’s all good 🙂

As for B*B*C progress, there’s one space left, thanks to a cancellation, on the course – Given that all the other 4 places are taken by people that are coming to all 5 classes, the deal for this last place is that you can come to as many of them as you want (for £70 each) but they have to be from the beginning. So you can come to June 20th, or June+July, or June, July, Aug etc… (more…)

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On the blog post announcing Beyond Bass Camp, Kevin posted a very pertinent question relating to syllabus/curriculum. So here’s an outline of the kind of approach I’ll be taking.

As with everything I teach, much of the content will remain fluid and be based on the needs and personalities of the musicians who attend… Having taught privately now for 20 years, and lead masterclasses of this type for about 6 years, I’ve found that the best format is to have an outline of the ‘approach’ and allow the detail of the content to form itself in response to those needs.

That said, each day long class will be split into 3 two hour sessions. (more…)

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OK, you’ll see that there’s a new page up here, the B*B*C FAQ – and in it you’ll find the details about dates, times and cost for the 1st iteration of the Beyond Bass Camp.

For the first 3 weeks – up until May 19th – booking will only be open to people wanting to book for all 5 classes that are already in the diary – that’s £300 for the 5. After that it’ll be open to anyone else that wants to book in. If 5 people go for the all 5 classes option, then I’ll just add in some more dates in between for the one-offs. (more…)

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